Testimonials & Recommendations


Laurie was the cornerstone of our team as we grew the audience, increased engagement, and improved the quality of our social media accounts. Laurie’s commitment, compassion, and skill shone through as she engaged with and managed the community. Her insights and feedback were invaluable for evaluating and improving our content.

— George S.

Laurie is strategic, creative and a pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to work with her on many campaigns and events and was impressed with her ability to work cross-platform on tight deadlines, particularly during emergency situations like the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire.

— Sheri D

Laurie and I had the privilege of working for Rachel Notley's government at the same time. I'm not a digital strategist or content expert, but Laurie most certainly is. She creates content that keeps you checking back in to see what else she's done.

In managing then-Premier Notley's social media presence, Laurie was often the first line of defence on the very worst that the internet is capable of. She absorbed and reacted to an unbelievable crush of vitriol and violent threats with a tremendous degree of poise and discipline. She always brings a strategic eye to her work, even when it's tough to see through the nastiness.

— Amanda H.

Laurie and I worked together on the NDP digital and social media team during the 2019 Alberta provincial election. The days were long and the pace was breakneck, and through it all Laurie demonstrated focus, poise, and skill all the while keeping her great sense of humour. Most of all, she cared deeply for the well being of our team. It was a true pleasure working with Laurie, any team would be lucky to have her!

— Marina C.